Build multilingual web applications fast
You can forget about localization - Gitloc integrates with Git and translates all localization strings in your repository.
Why use Gitloc?
  • Migration to Gitloc takes only 10 minutes
    No need to change the used i18n library or web development framework; just connect Gitloc to a remote repository and forget about localization - Gitloc detects changes in localization files and translates them.
  • Compatible with all modern frameworks and i18n libraries
    Gitloc can be used with any modern web development frameworks, such as React, Next.js, Gatsby, Vue, Angular, Svelte, Flask, and others, and with almost any i18n libraries.
  • Automatic and manual translations
    You can choose one of the supported AI translation engines or provide access to your translators. All results will be stored directly in your Git repository.
Just three steps to make your web application multilingual
Connect your Git repository to Gitloc
Add gitloc.yaml file to your repository
Push changes and pull translations
Discover through documentation to learn more
Get samples and best practices
Join our community to improve localization experience
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