Build multilingual web applications fast
Integrate translation into your development flow in just five minutes
Why use Gitloc?
Gitloc helps developers automate the software translation process and integrate it into the Git development flow
AI-translation with business context
Use high-quality AI translation adapted for software localization. Provide business context to make the translation more accurate.
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AI-correction with OpenAI (beta)
Find and fix typos and grammatical mistakes in your localization files.
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Integrated in Git development flow
Store the translation in the repository branch to which it's related, or automatically create a new branch with the translation and a pull request for merging the translation, all under your full control.
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How to use Gitloc
Implement Gitloc in your application in just five minutes
Frameworks and i18n capability
Gitloc works only with localization files, such as JSON, HTML, MD.

You can use Gitloc with any modern web development frameworks and almost any i18n libraries, or even without any of them.
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Add a simple configuration file to your repository
You only need a small configuration file, gitloc.yaml, in your repository to let Gitloc know that your repository needs to be processed and how to do it.

No longer a need for custom integrations or CLIs.
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Connect your remote repository to Gitloc
To start using automated translation, you should connect your remote repository to Gitloc.

Currently, Gitloc supports GitHub Cloud. More integrations will be available soon.
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Push changes and pull translations in a minute
To initiate the translation process, you need to push changes of localization files for a base language to your remote repository. Then, Gitloc detects these changes, translates them, modifies the localization files, and pushes them to your repository. On average, this process takes less than a minute. As a result, you only need to pull the translations to your local repository.
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  • Ideal for pet projects, learning and experiments
  • AI-translation without business context
  • 10,000 credits a month
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  • All features of PRO and
  • Teammates and role management
  • UI for manual correction and translation
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  • All features of Team and
  • Standalone Git system support
  • Custom API keys
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